Mariama Boney


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Transformative. Transparent. Solution-focused

Mariama knows about trailblazing to ‘bridge head and heart’ during her 20+ year career.  As President and CEO of Achieve More LLC, Mariama is a go to resource for turning goals or problems into solutions and profits while creating safe spaces for transformation; advancing professionals, associations, non-profits, and corporations to flourish through the change leadership process!

As an award-winning educational administrator, DEIA+A visionary,  executive leader, and coach, her content knowledge spans over 100 topics in leadership, DEIA+A, and wellbeing with a world-wide impact that includes 1000+ trainings and programs, 550 projects and consultations with over 800 groups & teams.

With multiple certifications, licensure, and authorized partnerships, Mariama in the go to turn goals or problems in solutions and profits. Since she has served in every role within an association or non-profit, Mariama writes about her experiences as the author of articles, book chapters, and 3 books, the latest of which is VENT: Our Resilience Is Enough.