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Jerome Patrick

Creative Design

My Profile

I’m originally from Saginaw Michigan. Started my journey of work at my local McDonald’s and after a few years of flipping burgers I flipped on a Sailor Cap and Joined the U.S. Navy.

During my second tour in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii I fell in love with the world of entrepreneurship being inspired by Daymond John’s FUBU brand.

I racked up quite the Wins in the Learning Column in a 15-year span.

Started a spiritual fashion line called God Moves where I ultimately gained a Trademark.

Tried out for Shark Tank for a Cartoon Pilot I called Skribble Skrabble, based on five characters who are creative in their own way and whose adventures inspire creativity, provide education, and promote healthy fun in the hearts of children.

Got squashed like a bug by Instacart while working on a Grocery Delivery App called GroGoKarts

Placed as a semifinalist in Hofstra’s Veteran Ventures Challenge for my solution to solve neighborhood package theft with a custody package service I called Custobee.

Over this time span, I became an autodidact in the worlds of Branding, Design, and Marketing. Learning a far from the likes of Chris Do, Marty Neumeier, and Seth Godin just to name a few. Been able to practice in several touch-points in these worlds.

Always working with an empathetic ear to the world’s problems that cross me to deliver a concept that could be the solution.

Life is too short and I want my time on earth spent with my creativity well spent on enhancing the lives of others.

What I can offer to you

  • I’m an idea generator
  • Creating names for products, services, and companies
  • Creating experiences both digital and physical for brands
  • Logo or other Visual Branding work
  • Ad Copy Can we say Headliner LOL
  • Motivator of Movement

Sound interesting? Reach out to me if you are interested in New product or service ideas, building a Brand foundation, veteran-owned small Businesses, or Michigan Wolverine Football!


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