Artisia Williams

Artisia Williams

Forgiveness Counsellor

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Have you ever made a mistake?

My mistake outside of my control were miscarriage (mind), gained 150 lbs (body), divorce (soul), and loving someone who didn’t love me independently.

I’ve invested over $500,000 in education, experience (Retired Sergeant of the Army and Certified Life Coach), & experimental (trial-and-error) entrepreneurship value.

My name is Author Artisia AKA VetBookBoss2020 and I am your roadmap to forgiveness of self. My mission is to raise resources, awareness, and motivation for Troops (Students, Seniors, & Service ie Veterans AKA Givers).

We help you overcome trials, tribulations, and time (living life to the fullest unapologetically).

I help the stressed, blessed, and people in a hot mess with preventing Dating to Divorce or overcome

Divorce till dating. To further a connection instead of competition go to IG or FB @AuhorArtisia.